Furniture Financing and Furniture Credit Options

There are many reasons for seeking furniture financing, and there are just as many furniture credit options available to you. In some cases it makes financial sense to pay for furniture over a period of time, particularly if you can get interest-free credit. Rather than furnish your home by paying cash, you can keep the cash in a savings account earning interest while you repay the furniture interest-free over 6 months or even a year.

This could amount to a significant sum for a young couple purchasing their first home and having to furnish it starting only with any furniture given as wedding presents. Others might have to purchase furniture at a difficult time, such as when moving house: you will have plenty other expenses to face other than furnishing your new home, so furniture financing will come in very handy.

There are also furniture credit options available for those who have previously fallen on hard times and perhaps have a bad credit record. You may be repaying bad debts, but cannot get unsecure credit such as a credit card or store card because credit score has not improved sufficiently for you to pass the check. You could take a secured loan if you own your home, but what if you rent? In any case, secure loans are to be avoided because you could lose your home if you default on the repayments.

Irrespective of the reason for you seeking furniture financing, there are furniture credit options available to meet any of the scenarios described above. Here are just a few of the types of finance available.

1. Store Credit Card

Your preferred furniture store might offer you a store credit card issued by a firm such as Wells Fargo. The card enables you to purchase any item from the store concerned up to a set credit limit. This is a very convenient method of furniture financing, and many card issuers will offer an interest-free agreement for a set period or if individual purchases reach a certain minimum amount.

For example, one store credit card arranged through Wells Fargo offers 6 months interest free on their card, or a whole year free of interest if a minimum $500 purchase is made. This would generally be a single receipt rather than if the total sum owed reached $500. However, considering the average consumer credit card rate is currently 16.9% in the USA, a $1,000 spend on furniture would save you $169 during that year! That’s a significant saving.

Not only that, but some furniture stores offer exclusive benefits to customers using their card. Some of these operate on a rewards system while others offer reduced prices on certain goods only for those customers using the card to make payment. Such credit cards are fine if you repay the furniture within the interest-free period. If you go over that period, then it could get expensive.

2. Unsecured Loan

Failing that, you may be able to get furniture credit in the form of an unsecured loan. This is a form of furniture financing where you offer no security for the sum required, and the lender relies on a good record of repaying past credit. A credit report will usually be obtained and if your credit is good then you get the loan.

You can often apply for the loan online, and will have to provide all your financial details, such as your total income, mortgage or rent payment and details of any existing credit and loans. Once you have been approved, you receive the cash or are enabled to purchase furniture up to the sum approved, and you can then buy your furniture. This is obviously a more expensive furniture financing option than the free-interest card. However, the sooner you repay the sum borrowed the less expensive it will be. Some firms apply a 90 day limit, while others allow much longer.

3. Bad Credit Furniture Financing

If your credit is shot, then your furniture credit options are very limited. However, it will still be possible to borrow money for your purchases at a higher interest rate. You would normally use this option only when it was imperative that you purchase the furniture you need. Many are locally based, and you must live in-state.

With some, you must also be in current employment earning at least $1,000 monthly, and must also possess an active checking bank account. The monthly payments are deducted from your bank account, making this a fairly simple way of financing the furnishing of your home.

These are just three of the furniture financing and furniture credit options available to you today. There are more, but these methods are popular depending on your current financial situation. You will find one of more of these available on the websites of many furniture stores.

Woodstock Furniture Outlet offers all of the above furniture credit options. Woodstock offers a fabulous range of beautiful Furniture in Atlanta Ga, all of which can be purchased using one of the various methods of furniture financing offered in the store or online.

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ATV Financing 4 Popular Options

With the purchase price of an ATV being much less than the average street motorcycle there are more options for financing your ATV than when purchasing a motorcycle.

The goal of this article is to provide you a view of four popular types of ATV financing. Your success with each method will depend on if you have good or bad credit.

1. Manufacturer ATV Financing

It is likely that if you have spent any time looking at ATV magazines you have seen an advertisement or two highlighting atv financing from top brands like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Usually these advertisements have a very low minimum payment like $49. While the payment may look attractive you should consider if this is the best ATV loan for you.

In deciding if a manufacturer loan is best, you need to consider the terms. For instance, look at how long the promotional term lasts. If it is 24 months will you have enough to payoff your outstanding loan on the 25th month because making the $49 payment does not pay off the loan? If not your interest rate will increase to the standard rate of 17%-22% and your minimum payment will also increase.

If you have the cash to pay off your loan at the end of 24 months than the promotion may be a good thing for you, if not then you should probably opt for a fixed rate installment loan that is offered by most online lenders and has a fixed rate for a long term.

Manufacturer ATV financing is typically more suitable for those with good credit rather than bad credit applicants.

2. Online Atv Financing

With online ATV financing you will get fixed rate ATV financing for a specific term. These loans are normally called personal loans meaning that they can be used for a variety of personal reasons such as buying an ATV, furniture, home improvements and a variety of other things. Terms on ATV personal loans will normally be up to 60 months and for excellent credit rates can be as low as the 5% – 8% range. Bad credit applicants can also get approved for online personal ATV loans, but the interest rate may be a bit higher.

3. Credit Card ATV Financing

If you are looking for a short term loan for your ATV purchase, a credit card may be a good option if it has a good promotion. For instance some Visa, Mastercard and discover cards offer 12 months no interest for new accounts. If you can afford to pay off your ATV purchase at the end of 12 months this could be a great option for you to use.

4. Hybrid Atv Financing

The hybrid Atv financing method typically uses a combination of financing options. One popular method is to use a short term manufacturer financing promotion and then when the promotion period ends you transfer your loan to another promotion on a Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.

For instance, you could get Honda Financing for 24 months on a Honda promotion and then transfer that loan to a Discover card promotion and get 0% interest for 12 month.

Hybrid Atv Financing is a bit complicated and requires some planning. It is also a bit risky because you are betting that companies will be running the same promotion in 24 months that they are today.

This type of financing is typically not recommended for those with poor credit or that are not very financially savvy.

In the end, the fact that the average ATV is less costly than a motorcycle will allow you more options to finance your purchase. You just have to think creatively and look at all the offers in the market for financing everyday purchases.

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Bad Credit Furniture

Do you need to replace your old furniture? Everyone needs to have their own furniture but if you have bad credit, it would be hard for you to get furniture financing. Furniture is expensive so not a lot of people can actually afford to buy furniture without financing. If your credit score is low, what you should do is find bad credit furniture financing. This could be frustrating though since bad credit furniture financing is hard to find but do not worry, there are ways to get bad credit furniture financing.

There are online lenders that will allow you to get money in an efficient manner. Going to the bank will not do you any good since they will only waste your time and energy only to tell you that you did not get approved.

To avoid getting yourself into this situation you can turn to some sort of layaway plan. Some furniture retailers offer this type of monthly payment plan and it enables you to put a small down payment for your furniture and then pay the rest of the balance within 90 days. If you put something in layaway, the shop will be keeping it for you until it is fully paid. Most layaway arrangements do not have interest but you should ask first before giving your down payment.

Another way is for you to get furniture that is rent to own. You can make monthly or bi-weekly payments on a certain item. There are stores that offer this type of payment arrangement; you can search online for stores near you that have this option. The only bad thing about this arrangement is that the interest rates are very high.

If you do not like these ideas, you can do it the traditional way and save up for the furniture you want. This might take a while but it is one way to get away from high interest rates and the rewards are greater because you get to buy the furniture you want without having to worry about monthly payments.

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Why Look for Bad Credit Furniture Financing Options

Are you planning to move into a new home? Transferring to a new address may require you to purchase new home furniture and equipment. These can be costly and burn a hole in your pocket, especially during these economic hardships. If you have bad credit standing, you may look for good companies offering financing furniture services.

Moving to a new home is always stressful for the family. It does not end there as you will have to pay for all of the items you set up in your home. You may find companies offering buy now pay later programs. This way, you can start using the items and pay for them in monthly installments. Some companies look into your credit score whenever you go into this type of payment program. They can disapprove your loan when they find out you cannot pay on time. For this, you will need bad credit furniture financing.

It can be difficult to find loan programs when you do not have a good credit score. If you want a no stress payment scheme, you need to look for companies that do not look into your credit rating. Some companies let you qualify depending on your job and duration of time working. You do not actually have to look for bad credit furniture financing. You can find companies that allow you to make a purchase if you have two years of employment on your belt.

In those two years, you have to be under the same employer doing full time work. Federal government employees are also in consideration as long as you have been in the service for two years. These deals are perfect specifically for those who work in the military.

Another great way to find financing furniture service is look for available lenders. While the Internet has a bad reputation for scams, it is easier to find reliable lending options on this platform. Online lenders give loans regardless of your poor credit standing. When you find companies that offer financing furniture, make sure to read all the terms and conditions. You may ask help from a credit counselor if you do not understand some of the details on the agreement. This professional may help you understand financial jargons and keep you from making the wrong deals.

You may find other options such as putting the item on layaway, going for rent-to-own programs or seeking help from a local payday advance agency. Placing your purchase on layaway means you pay for the item without using it at once. Most common lending options allow you to use the item while you are paying for it monthly. In layaway, you pay for it monthly but you will only receive your item once payment is finished.

If you are looking for other ways to save, you may wait for furniture sales. Check the store’s website and look for the nearest sales schedule. Make your purchase on these dates to get huge discounts on all items. Never forget about the quality of furniture when buying discounted items.

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